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What Xenos Packaging does for the environment

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As we become increasingly aware of the impact of waste and waste products on the environment, companies are seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Sustainable packaging solutions are a key-aspect of this huge effort by offering a green way regarding package products.

From biodegradable materials to reusable ones, sustainable packaging in general has become a sort of “packaging protagonist” in recent years.

Combined with the implementation of specialized policies in accordance with ISO 14001, in our own facilities here at Xenos, we’ve made significant investments these past few years: following high standards when it comes to environmental management, setting higher goals in order to reduce the environmental footprint of our day-to-day operations.

By focusing on the proper management of waste, energy and natural resources, and implementing the philosophy of the so-called circular economy, we aim to be as … green as possible.

Sustainable packaging solutions
for a cleaner planet

In short, sustainable packaging solutions are a way of packing products without creating any unnecessary waste.

By using sustainable packaging, companies can reduce the amount of waste they produce and help protect our environment.

Wondering about the benefits? They’re many!


Reducing waste and pollution


Saving natural resources


Saving through waste management


Enhance our brand & customer loyalty

ecological & recyclable bags:

The future is here!

Reusable and recyclable bags are No1 in terms of ideal sustainable packaging solutions.

These types of eco-friendly packaging allow products to be packaged and transported while at the same time there’s reduction of waste and saving resources.

Biodegradable bags:

Sustainable revolution!

Biodegradable bags are another innovative solution in the field of sustainable packaging. These materials break down naturally, reduce waste and minimize their damage to our precious natural environment.

Xenos can offer you environmentally friendly bags made from biodegradable material, such as… from potatoes.

Interesting, isn’t it? 

While sustainable packaging solutions are a big and important step towards the right direction, it’s important for consumers to understand their own role in this process.

By properly disposing of sustainable packaging, consumers can help reduce waste and help protect the environment.

What does Xenos Packaging do for the environment?

We strictly follow the environmental standards to which we are committed in our production process.

ISO 14001 environmental management

International standard for implementing a certified environmental management system with the following benefits:

Decrease in waste disposal costs
Saving energy
Saving raw materials & other resources
Continuous improvement of environmental performance
Increased competitiveness
Reducing the risk of environmental damage
Compliance to environmental legislation & regulations (national, European level)
Improvement of organization’s processes in both quality, health & safety issues

We strictly follow the environmental standards to which we are committed in our production process.

ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000 και 45000

The above ISOs are not exclusively about the environment. They’re, in general, strict in terms of the procedures they indicate and, because of them, one is obliged to take care of their proper waste management, etc.

Our conventions concern: recycling paper, plastics depending on the materials they contain, fabrics, rags, liquid waste, pallets and packaging during the production process, metal, aluminum and iron.

We’re initiating new, innovative types of environmentally friendly products in each of our packaging sectors:


New type of cotton bag, reusable


Ability to use FSC certified paper on request

Paper with FSC certification can be used upon request. Xenos Packaging offers you ecological solutions, upon request, with environmentally friendly packaging from well-managed FSC-certified forests, recycled materials and other controlled sources. 

  • Cord now cotton-made upon special customer request.
  • New bags with lower paper thickness: more budget-friendly for the customer while reducing the overall volume of paper used.
  • We have finalized the dimensions of the papers we import in order to vertically reduce fines during the production process.


  • New biodegradable materials
  • Production of very thin plastic rolls for lower raw material costs & waste reduction for the end consumer

Xenos’ vision for a green future

Purchase of additional modern machines in the plastic & paper packaging factory in order to increase production speed & reduce power consumption.

Hiring extra people in order to reduce the factory’s operating hours.

Carrying out research to increase available recyclable packaging options.

Out of love for the environment and humankind, anything is possible if we put our minds to it.

Here, at Xenos Packaging, we move forward vigorously, innovatively and sustainably.