Tissue Paper

Tissue paper: the easiest & most inexpensive way of packaging!

Protects your products while advertising them with your logo printed on it!

Description of
Tissue Paper

Tissue paper with your logo:

  • Special type of paper.
  • Can be produced in either 19 gr, resulting in a very thin and easy to use paper, or 28 gr, which is more durable but harder to use when wrapping.
  • Is printed via flexographic printing in 1 or 2 colors.
  • The easiest way to package a product.
  • Advertises you in the best way: your logo is printed on it!

Why should i use paper tissue ?

At XENOS Packaging, we understand that choosing the right packaging materials is essential for your business. When it comes to enhancing the presentation and protection of your products, tissue paper stands out as an excellent choice.

#1 Enhanced brand image and presentation:

Paper tissue adds an element of sophistication and elegance to your product packaging. Its soft texture and delicate appearance convey a message of care and attention to detail. By using paper tissue to wrap or cushion your products, you create an unforgettable unpacking experience for your customers, leaving a lasting positive impression for your brand.

#2 Protection and preservation:

Paper tissue acts as a protective layer, protecting your products from scratches, dents or other damage during shipping or storage. It helps maintain the integrity of delicate or fragile items, ensuring they reach your customers in pristine condition.

#3 Flexible customization options:

This allows you to align the packaging with your brand identity. You can choose from various colors, designs and prints to match your brand’s aesthetic. Incorporating your logo or branding elements into the touch paper enhances brand recognition and leaves a memorable mark on your customers.

#4 Eco-friendly and sustainable choice:

In today’s environmentally conscious world, paper tissue selection aligns with sustainable packaging practices. Our products are environmentally friendly reflecting your commitment to reducing your ecological footprint. By choosing paper tissue, you are contributing to a greener planet and appealing to eco-conscious consumers who value environmentally responsible businesses.

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