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Pasta packaging solutions & characteristics

Pasta, rice and noodles come in many shapes and sizes leading to a variety of packaging formats. Consumer trends, industry regulations and retailers are redefining packaging standards while requiring food manufacturers to constantly adapt to important trends, such as sustainable packaging.

In this framework, it’s always helpful to have a trusted partner like Xenos Packaging to support you in your packaging selection for pasta, rice and other products.

Pasta packaging – options

From packaging pouches with central gluing on the back side to envelopes with 3-sided seam to pouches with pleat and central gluing or packaging roll, we have what it takes to meet the challenges of today’s market.

Our pasta packaging design and personalization options we offer based on your brand, communicates the authenticity of the product allowing it to stand out. Pasta packaging is customizable in order to give it a distinct personality that differentiates it from the standard varieties available on the supermarket shelf. The result is fresh, expressive and modern with traditional elements – just like pasta itself.

We have a range of materials for fresh and dried pasta to meet your packaging demands.

  • High-quality graphic elements to support the brand.
  • A range of custom sealing materials to meet market demands for speed, sealing integrity and easy opening.
  • We print your logo on the packaging.
  • A variety of color options which reflect your brand.

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