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Equip your business with packaging accessories by choosing from the following items according to your requirements!

Why should I choose packaging accessories?

The variety of accessories will surely delight your customers.

  • Choose a ribbon to add a special touch to your packaging, a sticker with your logo, tissue paper to protect products, or wrapping paper to show off your product’s package.
  • Printing your logo on high quality material means suitably protecting the product while giving a sense of luxury to the product as well as to your whole brand.
  • Transform plain packaging into gift packaging and make the unboxing experience of your customers super exciting!

How the packaging accessories will help me?

#1 Improved presentation and aesthetics:

Packaging accessories such as ribbon and wrapping paper add a touch of elegance and appeal to any gift or product. The use of vibrant colors, beautiful designs and elegant patterns can make packaging visually appealing, creating a memorable first impression.

#2 Brand recognition and promotion:

Custom stickers with logos, slogans or artwork reinforce brand identity and help build brand recognition. The inclusion of these stickers on packaging enhances brand visibility, making it easier for customers to recognize and remember the brand.

#3 Personalization and thoughtfulness:

Packaging accessories allow for personalization, making the gift or product more meaningful and thoughtful. Custom ribbons and stickers with names, dates or special messages demonstrate the effort put into selecting the gift, making the recipient feel appreciated.

#4 Securing and protecting content:

Ribbons and wrapping paper not only enhance aesthetics, but also play a practical role in securing the contents of the package. They keep the gift or product securely wrapped in transit, protecting it from damage.

#5 Unboxing experience:

The act of unwrapping a gift or opening a package becomes a delightful experience when adorned with packaging accessories. The anticipation and surprise upon unboxing adds to the overall enjoyment, leaving a lasting positive impression on the recipient.

#6 Differentiation and competitive advantage:

In a crowded marketplace, unique packaging with creative accessories helps products stand out from the competition. Innovative and eye-catching designs can attract attention and create a competitive advantage, influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions.

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Welcome to the world of Xenos Packaging, where creativity meets efficiency. For more than three decades, we’ve been the go-to experts in the realm of bags, sacks, and packaging. Nestled in the bustling industrial area of Sindos, Thessaloniki, it’s a privately owned facility on an area of 7,000 sqm with vertically integrated production in plastic, paper and fabric packaging, as well as food packaging.

Our goal? To revolutionize the packaging industry with a perfect blend of professionalism and fun.

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We specialize in creating custom-made bags and packaging that are perfectly suited for your products. Our state-of-the-art production facilities enable us to bring your vision to life.

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Our in-house production, coupled with Greek and European standards, certifications, and suppliers, guarantees unrivaled flexibility and rock-solid reliability. Even in the craziest of times, we’ll be your steadfast packaging superheroes!

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Whether you prefer a friendly chat over the phone or an in-person meeting, our team of packaging experts is here to make your dreams come true. Together, we’ll swiftly find the optimal solution for all your packaging needs.

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With a proud track record of over 33 years, we’ve been dedicated to producing packaging of the highest quality. We prioritize reliable premium quality and maintain regional supply lines to ensure your satisfaction.

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