Tote Bag

Fully ecological fabric bag made of cotton! ♻️ 

Handmade with a variety of fabric and handle options.

Tote bag description

Are you looking for 100% eco-friendly, durable, stylish and customizable tote cotton bags? Look no further. We have an extensive range designed to meet a variety of business requirements.

  • A cloth, totally eco-friendly cotton bag in black & earthy-beige colors.
  • Material: full cloth 120 gr.
  • Handle: comes in 2 sizes, short or long.
  • Prints: only linear ones.
  • Possibility to print your logo or message.

Why should I choose a fabric cotton bag?

Tote bags, made of 100% cotton fabric with the possibility of multicolour printing. A well-known and consumer favorite, which find application everywhere, they tend to become the best choice for your business!

#1 Eco-friendly

Cotton fabric bags are a step towards reducing the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. Unlike plastic bags, which can remain in the environment for hundreds of years, cotton bags biodegrade naturally, minimizing pollution and harm to wildlife.

#2 Durable

Woven cotton bags are known for their durability and strength. They can withstand heavy loads and repeated use, reducing the need for frequent replacements that contribute to waste.

#3 Comfortable

Cotton is a breathable fabric, making woven cotton bags ideal for carrying groceries, clothing or other items. This natural breathability helps prevent odor and mold, ensuring a pleasant experience for the user.

#4 Efficient & reusable

Woven cotton bags are a cost-effective option in the long run. Their reusability means fewer bags are needed overall, saving money and resources.

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