Luxury Paper Bags

Luxury paper bags offer countless combinations regarding size and manufacturing, depending on your needs!

Choose the luxury paper bag that suits you, together with your logo = a mobile advertisement for your brand!

Paper Bag

Luxury paper bags are handmade and are characterized by the following:

  • Inexhaustible variety of sizes & customization.
  • Variety of different paper options & special treatments.
  • Manufactured by using a variety of papers with cardboard reinforcement on the handles and bottom of the bag weighing 450-600 gr (depending on size).
  • Luxury paper bags feature the best-quality materials and workmanship to meet even your highest demands.
  • High-resolution printing, using modern machine equipment with the “offset” method up to 5 colors & unlimited colors with “Pantone” printing – With the “Offset” method we can imprint any shade on the bag and render your preferred logo or mock-up with excellent results, at a high resolution of 175 lpi.
  • Impressive results. Paper works of art!


We offer the possibility, upon request, to use paper that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified; an international organization which ensures that forests are managed in a rational and respectful towards the environment way. Through the company’s R&D department, after much research and experience, we use the appropriate types of paper.

We use special-quality papers which meet all the specifics and standards of the bag as well as the requirements and demands of the customer.

Velvet volume

170 gr

Velvet paper is a special volume paper. This paper has a very good glossy surface and is suitable for the high-quality performance of offset printing. It’s ideal for luxury bags via utilizing lamination. This paper is double-coated and has the same surface on both sides.

Bristol wafer

160 gr & 250 gr

It has the exact same characteristics as the aforementioned, but it has a very impressive surface with a unique sense of luxury – thanks to the embossing treatment it has undergone. The embossing is intense only on one side.


160 gr

Bristol paper is a Kraft type of paper with increased volume. It has a matt texture and gives a natural feel. Its high fiber content (macrofibre) gives it excellent stiffness. The color rendering is not intense. It gives an eco-friendly appearance; however, it is not suitable for backgrounds and large ink-coverage.

Black paper

170 gr & 210 gr

Black paper on both sides. Printing can only be done with thermo printing inks.


140 gr & 160 gr

This paper is especially made and recommended for the manufacture of packaging. It is especially manufactured with long fibers of cellulose. The paper has two different sides, one glossy (shiny) surface which has special coating and one matte (velvety) side like Kraft papers. The printing effect when printed on the glossy side is impressive when using varnish. When printed on the matt side, the color rendering is not as intense and the colors are duller.


190 gr

Extremely rigid paper with large volume. The paper has two different sides, a glossy (shiny) side which has special coating and a matte (velvety) side like Kraft papers. The use of lamination is necessary.

Kraft liner

170 gr – 200 gr

Paper with a cardboard-like volume. It has two faces in different shades of white and brown; the brown face is rougher while the white face is smoother. It is printed on both sides, giving a similar effect.


in a plethora of colors

and other features


Polyester cord

45cm and 80cm long


Cotton cord

length 45cm and 80cm


Satin ribbon

length 45cm and 80cm


Acetat ribbon

length 45cm and 80cm



length 45cm and 80cm


Plastic bag

(Clip-on plastic handles)

We have plenty of options to process your bag properly!

Lamination is used for special protection against moisture, so that the bag becomes durable and long-lasting during its use by the consumer.

With Matt lamination, the appearance of the bag is given prestige and a sense of luxury. The final result is duller color-wise.

Lamination is used for special protection against moisture in order to give the bag strength and durability during its use by the consumer.

With Gloss lamination, the bag takes on an impressive appearance. As a final result, all the colors are more intense.

It is the method of transferring the print through heat-transferable film (foils) using a metallic plate (mould made of some metal; silver, gold or color). It gives excellent results and adds prestige and an eye-catching essence.

Spot Varnish (Spot UV) is used to highlight details (logo, designs, etc.). It is always combined with Matte lamination.

The term embossing is used to describe the process of creating textured or embossed surfaces on a printed sheet of paper by using a metallic plate (mould made of some metal) which is applied by pressure onto the paper. The result is highly attractive, regarding not only the visual but also the tactile aspect of it.

The bag can also be printed on the inside in order for it to be given a completely different and more luxurious look.

Possibility to add a ribbon with no visible binding marks and no knots. The result is particularly appealing.

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