Our team

No one can sing a Symphony by themselves. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

Creative Department


Lt. graphic designer

His experience and expertise in his field make him flawless in his work.

Everything goes through his inspection before Xenos Packaging goes into production. Since 1999 to date, packaging of every kind has passed through his hands (and his eyes).



Sales Department

He is the “pillar” of sales!

His kindness, his practicality, his ethics and his hard work have won over every customer and colleague since 1999.


Sales Department
Thessaloniki – Edessa – Giannitses – Rhodes – Arta – Agrinio – Arta – Agrinio – Preveza – Corfu – Halkidiki

His serenity of speech, his calmness and his ethos combined with his dedication to his work makes him a great partner since 2007.


Sales Department

His perfect organizational skills, his consistency, the precision of his speech, his ethics and his calmness are a few of his beautiful traits that we have been enjoying since 2014.


Sales Department
Thessaloniki – Kavala – Kastoria – Grevena – Katerini –
Drama – Alexandroupolis – Florina – Volos – Ioannina – Igoumenitsa

His diligence, his energy, his undiminished passion, his ethos – we have been experiencing them since 1999, the year he started being our loyal partner in every developing step of the company.


Sales Department

His practicality, his gentle personality, the calmness of his movements and his dedication to his mission combined with the… artist within him make him a promising partner since 2020.



Head of Supplies

In everything she does there’s: speed, seriousness, honesty, transparency, love for her work as well as consistency. All this fully describes Foteini who has been a strong presence within the company since 2007.



Her kindness, her love and loyalty to the company as well as the discipline in everything she does, have been parts of who she is since 2013, since she joined our team giving us her positive attitude.


Head of Procurement

Hard-working and quiet, with a thirst for new knowledge and a broad smile, she is with us during every moment and consists a promising presence in the accounting and internal processes of our company since 2021.

Warehouse handling


Supervisor of Goods Handling and Delivery Updates of Orders

His discipline and organization, punctuality and proper communication make him the most qualified person to take care of shipping, storage and proper delivery of our products from us to our customers. He has been with us since 2017.

Our team at the STORAGE:

Nikos C. (storekeeper-driver)

Kleanthis (warehouse / deliveries / shipments)

Paper Packaging Production


Supervisor Production plant A

His technical and sharp mind, his excellent learning performance combined with his methodical hard work, his ethics, his meek character and his love for his subordinates make him a rare and trustworthy man regarding the production process. He has been with us since 2015.


Supervisor Production Plant A

His young age, energy and willingness to learn make him a promising colleague. His constant interest in production and his observational skills consist a security for all of us regarding the next steps of the company. He is with us since 2021.

The team in the production process


George (printing house)
Stelios (printing house)
Lazaros (printing house)
Sakis (printing house)
Stelios E. (cutters)
Tasos (cutters)
Ilona (cutters-thermotyping)
Panagiota (control)

Plastic Packaging Production


Supervisor Production plant B

His ethos, his practicality, his cooperativeness, his love for his subordinates, his calmness in his communication combined with his smile, his positive attitude and his impeccable professionalism as well as his constant desire for development make him a genuine partner since 2008.

Our plastic production team


George (printing house)
Fotis (printing house)
Spartakos (printing house)
John (cutters)
Apostolos (cutters)
Elias (cutters)

XenosPackaging AE



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