Flexo Paper Bags
with paper handle

Entirely manufactured industrially without any manual intervention!

The low-cost paper bag with either a twisted, or flat handle!

Bag description

The mechanized flexo paper bags with paper handle:

  • They are entirely manufactured industrially without any manual intervention.
  • The handle can be either twisted, or flat.
  • They are printed via the “Flexo” method: using water-based inks which are water-soluble, eco-friendly & odorless without the use of alcohol solvents.
  • The resolution of the print is lower than that of bags printed via the “Offset” method and are not subject to external treatment.
  • There is no cardboard in the handle and at the bottom, so it is recommended as a low-cost bag.


We offer the possibility, upon request, to use paper that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified; an international organization which ensures that forests are managed in a rational and respectful towards the environment way. Through the company’s R&D department, after much research and experience, we use the appropriate types of paper.

Kraft Paper

90 έως 120 gr

  • Specially manufactured with long fibers of cellulose & has high durability Offered in 2 different colors: white & brown
  • Printing is done with flexographic inks. The printing effect is not intense and precise due to the type of printing
  • Fully ecological


Paper twisted or paper flat handle which is attached to the paper of the bag with a paper strip. The bag does not have any fold-up (backstrap) on its top side.

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