Bags to keep your veggies fresh

Vegetable packaging solutions and features

Proper packaging of vegetables will guarantee the safe transport of fresh crops from the field to the customer. Since all vegetables are highly perishable crops, choosing the right packaging for vegetables can be vital to the survival of the grower and the product in the marketplace.

The main function of a package is to preserve vegetables in a way that maintains their quality and extends their shelf-life.

Most importantly, proper vegetable packaging is a marketing tool. In fact, packaging is a way of communicating with our customers and it is, therefore, directly related to our sales strategy.

Vegetable packaging bags

  • Food pouches for vegetables: A relatively inexpensive type of packaging, suitable for crops that are not so susceptible to physical damage.
  • Modified atmosphere package: Special packaging created by removing the air from the packaging and replacing it with a single gas or a mixture of gases. The carefully managed gas mixture within the package maintains an optimum respiration rate of the crop and prolongs the shelf-life and storage-quality of the crop.
  • Vacuum package: A kind of package in which the oxygen is completely removed and the product is sealed under airtight conditions.

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