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The ultimate packaging for optical stores | What we recommend

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What is the right packaging for your eyewear shop?

The best eyewear packaging should be functional, protective, and visually appealing. Some key considerations when choosing eyewear packaging include:

  1. Protection: The packaging should protect the eyewear from damage during transportation and storage. This is especially important for high-end or fragile eyewear.
  2. Size and shape: The packaging should be appropriately sized and shaped to fit the eyewear, with enough room for cushioning to prevent damage.
  3. Material: The material should be durable and able to withstand handling and storage. Options include cardboard, plastic, and paperboard.
  4. Branding: The packaging should reflect the brand’s style and aesthetic, and may include the company’s logo, colors, and other branding elements.
  5. User experience: The packaging should be easy for the user to open and close, and should include instructions or information about the eyewear.

There are a multitude of packaging options and the question is which one is the right one for your optical store.

Plastic bags for your eyewear shop

  • Plastic bags are lighter than other types of packaging
  • They are easily stored without the fear of being crumpled
  • They are waterproof
  • Their cost is economical and affordable.
  • They offer infinite colour options

Paper bags for the optical shop

Sophisticated and environmentally friendly paper bags come in a wide range of colours and high-strength materials… and your customers will look at them with wide-open eyes!

  • Eco-friendly packaging for your optical shop – 100% reusable and recyclable.
    High durability and unsurpassed quality
  • Paper pulp bags are one of our top-selling products and a favorite preference of our customers. We highly recommend them for your optical shop.

Fabric bags for your eyewear shop

Businesses are looking for durable and reusable solutions so that their brand becomes one with their customers’ everyday lives. Your eyewear shop could offer premium fabric bags to their best customers.

  • Extra durability, your logo will be released as the fabric bag is used frequently.
  • They are 100% recyclable and can be used over and over again.

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