Food packaging
Food Pouches without pleat
(seam on the side)
with or without any base

General-purpose food packaging pouches for non-demanding applications

For categories of food items, such as: legumes, bakery products, cereal bars, and many others

Description of non-pleated pouch

General-purpose food packaging pouches for non-demanding applications with side gluing

The materials used are transparent and, typically, their structures are simple with cast grade material or bo pp being used more often for greater transparency.


Possibility of extra processing of the pouch for smarter promotion of any item.


The pouch can be either open or zipped for easy opening.


In the body of the plastic packaging, there is also the possibility of “respiratory holes” to avoid dampness and the creation of micro-organisms.

“Eurohold” hole

At the top of the package, there can be extra support via double plastic on which there can be a special omega-shaped hole for easier display of your products.

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Food Packaging

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