Courier bags

E-shop packaging that stands out

Paper Courier Bags

Courier Bags

The best solution for transporting products via e-shop or courier: plastic or paper courier bags

E-Commerce Packaging Bags: They are designed to provide maximum security for your products & save them from possible damage during transport.

Elevate your customers’ unboxing experience!

What kind of courier bag should I choose?

Paper courier bags & plastic courier bags (e-shop bags) for online stores:

  • Make transporting your products safe.
  • Create the perfect unboxing experience (probably captured in a video or Insta-story!) for your customers.
  • Make you stand out.
  • Satisfy your customers by discreetly delivering the product to its destination & providing a branded experience straight to your customers’ door.

E-selling is now a reality and the need for creating an e-shop is … a one-way street for almost every business! These new conditions have brought about huge changes in the marketing world, and as a result, every company is required to make successful decisions in order to stand out from the competitors.

Invest in choosing the right packaging for your e-shop and protect your products.

Why should I use a courier bag?

#1 Alternative to boxes:

Not all products can be shipped into boxes. Some already have packaging to protect them. This is where courier packaging or e-shop bags come into the picture…

They are the ideal choice of shipping-packaging when there is no need for a paper box. As long as you are shipping products that do not require extra protection or cushioning, then, you do not need packaging inserts. Of course, you can add bubble wrap or other packaging extras to the courier bags to provide even more protection.

Courier bags are made of polyethylene material, a material that makes them resistant to tearing, tampering, puncturing and moisture.

#2 Easy packaging and sealing:

E-Commerce Packaging Bags are sealed on three sides and opened on one side, so they can be sealed and packed quickly. They are made of durable and robust polyethylene material and can be left intact.

Unlike boxes, courier bags do not require packaging tape for sealing the packages. They have a release and sealing mechanism – a self-sealing adhesive tape. All you have to do is peel off the liner and fold the indentation to seal it. This mechanism creates a secure closure and keeps products safe and in place.

#3 Reduced shipping costs:

The dimensional weight of the package also increases the shipping costs. Dimensional weight includes the width, length and height of the package carrying the product. You will be billed based on whichever is greater – the dimensional weight of the package or the actual weight of the package.

This makes it imperative to choose the right packaging, as it can affect the cost of shipping. However, if a smaller sized product package is used, the product may be damaged in transit. This is why courier bags are cost-effective alternatives to other types of product packaging.

#4 Courier bags can be printed

Digital printing has made it easy to print on courier bags and other packaging solutions. Through custom packaging material, you can easily display your brand and make a lasting impression on your customers. All you need is an attractive logo, a clever slogan and the ideal packaging material so that your paper or plastic courier mailing bag is distinctive and beautiful.

These advantages of courier bags clearly define why they should be your choice for your online store. With so many features and style options, courier bags are sure to be the best choice regarding your shipping needs.

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