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The ultimate e-shop packaging | What we recommend

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What is the most suitable packaging for my e-shop?

E-shop packaging is the only way of contacting our customer. So, we need to ensure we have the right e-shop packaging for our online shop. Why?

#1 First impression

Right from the start, as soon as the customer receives the package/envelope in their hands, they will immediately form a first impression of our business and who we are – this will happen within the first 10 seconds.

#2 Our Brand

Branding is the way we present ourselves to the outside world. And a very important way through which we advertise our business and our products and, in general, promote our brand is, of course, the packaging we choose for our e-shop.

#3 The Message We Send to the Customer

Our values, our beliefs and our attitude towards social or environmental issues run through the way we manage our packaging. In this context, it is worth adding a nice message on the packaging of our e-shop. In fact, by choosing our packaging to be environmentally friendly, like the paper courier envelopes we create here, at Xenos Packaging, we show how sensitive we are towards the environment, that we have adopted an ecological consciousness, and that we have incorporated the concept of sustainability into our selling mentality.

#4 Best Advertising

Our customers, some more and some less, are constantly sharing content; especially, photos via Facebook and Instagram and unboxing videos on platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, etc. Therefore, our e-shop packaging will definitely be the focus of photos and videos that our customers post for their family, friends, and all their followers. Immediately, our brand, product and courier envelope will be promoted – without any effort and selling costs from us – to new customers. Don’t forget: the bag is a super strong marketing tool!

What Points to Focus on When Choosing Packaging for our E-shop

  • The materials that express us and our business.
  • Beautiful/vivid colors.
  • Details, such as tissue paper, wrapping paper and ribbons that will make us stand out from our competitors and gain the attention and trust of our customers.
  • Communicating kind messages to our customers. A thoughtful message from us works like the “thank you” we would say face-to-face to our customer.

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