Paper Courier Bags

Ecommerce Paper Courier Bags | Branded courier polybags

The safest way to transport products via courier. The most suitable solution for e-shops

Description of Paper Courier Bag

About the Paper Courier Bag:

  • One of the best solutions for transporting products via e-shop or courier.
  • They are manufactured with the eco-friendliest specifications and consist of 85 gr recycled Kraft paper.
  • They provide maximum security for your products since the inside of the envelope is covered with a layer of bubbles to protect against possible damage during transport.
  • They are waterproof on the inside without any risk of damaging documents/products they carry.
  • The double-sided, secure or repositionable, tape allow you to transport the items or documents you want with the confidence that they will not be tampered with.
  • They can be manufactured according to the dimensions you require.
  • They add to your company an ecological air.

Xenos Packaging’s innovative range of paper courier bags is not the only component of environmentally friendly packaging. Based on the main rules of proper packaging and the need for sustainable materials, we can create the perfect eco-friendly packaging experience.

Paper courier bags are ideal for sending valuable items such as documents, clothes, food, and other small items. They are designed with high-quality paper which provides the best moisture-resistant properties and protects your valuables from water and moisture. Paper courier bags offer an exceptional level of security to your valuables in transit.

The paper courier bags are all made-to-order

with the following dimensions being the most commercial ones:




Why should i choose paper courier bags for my business?

There are several reasons why paper courier bags may be a good choice for your business.

One reason is that they are environmentally friendly, as they are made from renewable materials and can be easily recycled.

Additionally, paper courier bags are durable and can provide good protection for the items inside, especially if they are reinforced with additional materials such as cardboard or plastic. Paper courier bags are also lightweight, which can help to reduce shipping costs.

Finally, paper courier bags can provide a more professional and high-quality appearance for your business, which can help to improve customer satisfaction. Overall, paper courier bags can be a good choice for businesses that value sustainability and quality packaging.

What kind of paper courier bag should i choose?

When choosing paper courier bags for your e-shop, there are a few factors you may want to consider. One important factor is the size of the bags, which should be large enough to accommodate the items you will be shipping. You may also want to consider the thickness and type of paper used for the bags, as this can affect their durability and strength. For example, kraft paper bags are a popular choice for their strength and durability.

Additionally, you may want to choose bags with a tamper-evident seal, which can help to ensure that the items inside remain secure during transit. Finally, you may want to consider the color and design of the bags, as this can help to make your e-shop more recognizable and professional.

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