Paper Courier Bags

Paper Courier Bags | 2 types at your disposal 👇

1. Paper Courier Bags
with bubbles

Bubbles for absolute safety


• Internal air bubble layer

• Durable kraft material

• Easy handling

• Waterproof inner cover

• Self-sealing adhesive strip

• Eco-sustainable packaging solution

• Economic solution

2. Paper Courier Bags
without bubbles

Suitable solution for E-shop


• Durable material

• Recycled kraft material 85 gr

• Easy handling

• Ease of dimension options

• Self-sealing adhesive strip

• Eco-sustainable packaging solution

• Economic solution

Paper Courier Bags

The best solution for transporting your favourite products

Xenos Packaging’s Courier Paper Bags are not the only component of environmentally friendly packaging. By following the basic rules of proper packaging and combining them with the need for sustainable materials, we can say that we have created the perfect eco-friendly packaging experience.

• Courrier paper envelopes with bubbles
• Paper Courrier Envelopes without bubbles

They are ideal for sending valuable items such as documents, clothes, food and other small items. Designed with high quality paper, which provides moisture resistant properties and protects your valuables from water & moisture. Paper courier bags offer an exceptional level of security for valuable shipments in transit.

The envelopes are all made to order

with more commercial dimensions as follows:




Why should I choose Courier Bags for my business?

#1 Lightweight and easy to use

Bubble paper courier envelopes are lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport. They also take up less space than traditional packaging materials, which can save businesses money on storage and shipping costs. In addition, the envelopes feature a self-sealing self-adhesive strip, making sealing them quick and easy.

#2 Durable and protective

The bubbles inside the courier envelope provide an extra layer of protection to the items being shipped. This can help prevent damage in transit, reducing the likelihood of money and product returns. The kraft paper material is also tear resistant and highly durable , further protecting the contents of the bag.

#3 Environmentally friendly

These envelopes are made from kraft paper, which is a renewable resource and can be recycled. This makes them an eco-friendly option for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. Still, such a packaging option would improve branding for businesses since the environment is a priority for the planet.

#4 Cost-effective

Paper courier envelopes with bubbles are the most cost-effective solution in case we want to combine security and eco-consciousness. They are designed to provide maximum quality protection to your products & save them from possible damage during transport.

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