Plastic Courier Bags

Unique plastic courier bags – the safest way to deliver products

High-quality plastic e-shop packaging accompanied by your logo!

Packaging description

Plastic Courier bags are :

  • The most secure way of handling products by courier.
  • You can choose the color that matches the style of your business and print your logo.
  • It has a double-sided, security or re-sealable tape for quick and easy sealing.

Indicatively, businesses that can take advantage of the possibilities and benefits offered by courier envelopes are: E-shop, courier, crafts, industrial companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

The dimensions

can be manufactured in 5cm increments.

Height 30 cm to 75 cm
x width 20cm to 75 cm

With the plastic courier envelopes, you let your logo travel from one side of the world to the other and ensure that the delivery of your products to your customers is carried out with complete protection.

Why should i choose plastic courrier bags?

There are several reasons why plastic courier bags can be a good choice for packaging and shipping items.

#1 Lightweight

One reason is that they are lightweight, which can help reduce shipping costs. Plastic courier envelopes are also waterproof and durable, which can help protect the items inside them from damage in transit.

#2 Easy to handle

In addition, plastic courier bags are easily sealed and opened, which can make the packing and unpacking process more efficient.

Overall, plastic eshop bags can be a convenient and cost-effective option for packing and shipping items.

#3 Size

An important factor is the size of the bags, which should be large enough to hold the items you are shipping. You may also want to consider the thickness of the bags, as thicker bags can provide additional protection for the items inside.

#4 Security

Bags, Courier Envelopes are the most widely used solution for e-store (E-Shop) product shipments and include double-sided, security or re-sealable tape for quick and easy sealing. This will ensure that the items inside remain secure during transit.

#5 Colour & Design

Choose from countless color combinations, logo printing options, and unique business graphics to make your brand stand out when you receive the product.

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