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Welcome to XENOS Packaging, your reliable partner in Greece, specializing since 1991 in the creation of high-quality paper bags, plastic bags and fabric packaging, as well as in a range of food packaging solutions. We pride ourselves on providing customized packaging experiences that speak for your brand.

Our commitment is to elevate your brand presence through quality, functionality and sustainable packaging options that are meticulously designed to meet your unique needs. Let us create packaging that tells your story the way you want it to be heard.

Welcome to XENOS Packaging! Based in Thessaloniki, we are your partner for quality and durable packaging of all kinds – paper, plastic, fabric bags and even food packaging! Big business or small, we meet your needs for bags with style, quality and environmental consciousness. Let us create packaging that tells your story the way you want it to be heard.


Over 1000 companies rely on us, such as:

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Xenos Packaging: the ultimate packaging company!

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…will compose a unique packaging that will highlight your product and advertise your business!

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Packaging per business type

Packaging made especially for you. Which type of business is yours?

Discover the ideal packaging for your store: paper bags with your logo, affordable plastic bags in a variety of colors, canvas bags in line with your corporate colors. Check out our recommendations for every type of business!

Custom-designed food packaging for you: paper packaging, disposable paper or plastic bags or environmentally friendly packaging solutions with different sealing methods, depending on your product.

Textile eco-friendly bags that reflect your corporate colors, paper ecological & budget-friendly bags, plastic budget-friendly bags in a variety of colors. Check out our recommendations for every type of business!

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Our specialty since 1991: design, creation & manufacture of unique packaging

Greek quality

All our products are manufactured with care and dedication in Greece, meeting the highest quality standards. We are proud of our in-house production and our strong regional supply.


Our team of experts create customized solutions for you from scratch, focusing on the value of your product and the optimal management of costs.

Sustainable packaging
with guidance

Adapt to all the strict packaging regulations with the support of our sustainability experts to create a conscious brand.


Secure lower prices with high volume orders & delivery deadline 3 months in advance.


Discover carefully selected materials and cutting-edge designs that go hand in hand with your business identity and your needs.

The Xenos Packaging team

Our team of specialists is here to help you create exceptional packaging that stands out. They give you solutions… beyond the competition!

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100% Greek Production: each packaging carries the seal of Greek quality. Benefit from our in-house production, regional supply chains & Greek-European quality standards


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