Offset Paper Bags
twisted handle

High-quality product with excellent results – luxury-bag standards!

Low cost & countless color combinations!

Bag description

The Offset Machined-produced Paper Bags with Twist Handle:

  • Are entirely manufactured industrially without any manual intervention, have specific characteristics, and are not subject to further processing.
  • Are printed via the “offset” method in the same way as luxury paper bags.
  • Have the same printing characteristics like luxury paper bags, except that there is no cardboard on the bottom and handle.
  • Are the most economical solution offering a high-quality product with excellent results at a very low cost.
  • Are eligible only for twisted paper-cord in specific colors.



100 gr

Bristol paper is a Kraft type of paper with increased volume and high strength. It has a matt texture and gives a natural feel. Its high-fiber content (macrofibre) gives it excellent stiffness and strength. The color rendering is not intense.

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