Plastic Bags with

Inner Handle & Folding

Plastic bags with Inner Handle & Folding have exactly the same characteristics as the simple plastic bags with inner handle

… but with the difference that there is material-folding at the top part (flap) of the bag

Description of Plastic Bag Inner Handle & Folding

Plastic Bag with Inner Handle & Folding in HDPE & LDPE:

  • Similar features to the simple handbag.
  • Difference: there is material-folding at the top (handle) of the bag, around 7 cm towards the inner side.

[The reason why the material is folded is because the latter is produced in smaller layers than the standard ones and is, thus, strengthened at the grip point.]

  • Folding can only be done on bags that have a pleat at the bottom, it is mainly applied to large bag sizes and it is mostly used on LDPE materials.
  • As a result: nicer finish, but fewer pieces produced than the simple handbag.

The dimensions

can be manufactured in 5cm increments

Dimensions for the small size:

25 cm x 20 cm
x 0+0 cm

Dimensions for the large size:

65 cm x 70 cm
x 7+7 cm

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