Plastic Bags with Inner Handle & Folding

Bag with internal handles and specialised folding!

Made with reinforced handles for a premium experience!

Bag description

Step up your packaging with XENOS Packaging’s Plastic Bags featuring Inner Handles and specialized Folding.

  • Similar features to the simple handbag.
  • Difference: there is material-folding at the top (handle) of the bag, around 7 cm towards the inner side. The reason why the material is folded is because the latter is produced in smaller layers than the standard ones and is, thus, strengthened at the grip point.
  • Folding can only be done on bags that have a pleat at the bottom, it is mainly applied to large bag sizes and it is mostly used on LDPE materials.
  • As a result: nicer finish, but fewer pieces produced than the simple handbag.

Ideal for larger sizes, these bags are made with strengthened grips for a premium experience.

The dimensions

can be manufactured in 5cm increments

Dimensions for the small size:

25 cm x 20 cm
x 0+0 cm

Dimensions for the large size:

65 cm x 70 cm
x 7+7 cm

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