Sticker, made of plastic material & transparent with your logo!

Gives a touch of finished packaging!

Description Packaging:
Accessories Sticker

The Packaging Sticker:

  • Made of plastic & transparent material.
  • Available in a specific dimension, 6.5×4.5, suitable for closing your bags and can be made in a special dimension (on request).
  • It is printed in 1 colour using screen printing or thermo printing method in various colours.

Why should I use a packaging sticker?

#1 Experience

Stickers are the perfect complement to the ultimate packaging experience as they transform plain packaging into gift packaging and make unboxing exciting. Most products are packed inside the paper or plastic bag or e-commerce shipping box with wrapping paper where it is sealed with a sticker stating the business name.

#2 Security

Stickers add security to the packaging and assure the customer that their products will arrive at their destination intact and unmoved With a variety of sizes, colors and shapes we can design the sticker that will complete the perfect package!

#3 Unboxing

Personalised stickers are the essential packaging collateral that will make your business packaging stand out, highlight the detail of good packaging that impresses the consumer and makes the brand more recognisable.

Discover the impact of packaging stickers on the customer experience and how they can enhance your brand image. In the world of e-commerce, unboxing has become a critical factor in creating a memorable brand experience for customers. Packaging stickers are a simple yet powerful tool to upgrade your packaging and set your brand apart from the rest. Not only do they add a personal touch to the packaging, but they also provide valuable product and brand information.

  • Stickers add a personal touch to the packaging experience making it more memorable and enjoyable for consumers.
  • They provide important information about the product such as ingredients and instructions, which can be useful to the customer.
  • Placing a brand sticker on the packaging helps in brand recognition and creating a professional image.
  • The stickers can be used to express gratitude and appreciation to the audience which can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

What should I look out for when choosing a packaging sticker?

  • Make sure the design of your packaging stickers aligns with your overall brand aesthetic, including colour scheme, font and logo.
  • The information on your packaging stickers should be clear and easy to read. Use a simple font and make sure the text is large enough to be easily visible.
  • Choose Xenos Packaging who use high quality materials and printing methods to ensure your stickers look professional and have a long life.
  • Make sure your packaging stickers are unique and eye-catching. Use a combination of images and text to create a memorable and eye-catching design.

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