Food Packaging

What is consumed should be preserved

Bag without a pleat
Bag without pleat

3-side seam
3-sided seam

1 central gluing
1 central gluing

Piece & centre gluing
Piece & centre gluing

Roll packaging
Roll packaging

Professional food packaging bags

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Choosing Food Bags for your product

Packaging materials & items made of paper, plastic, disposable, ecological, with different types of gluing depending on the product, but, most importantly, safe and of high quality – and at highly competitive prices!

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Why is food packaging so important?

Suitability of packaging

One issue of concern to professional food producers and packers is the suitability of both packaging materials and raw materials for the food itself. Suitability of packaging means the ability of the packaging to keep the food in perfect condition and also to meet hygiene standards for its consumers.

Influencing the purchasing habits of consumers:

The colors as well as the style of food packaging play a vital role in influencing the consumer’s purchasing decision. Our brain reacts to colors in different ways, for example: white packaging conveys simplicity and purity which makes it ideal for dairy products. Orange packaging represents energy and fun which makes it ideal for sports drinks and summer beverages. Also, you can combine colors, such as yellow for bananas and red for apples.

The brand needs to stand out:

Your product should grab the customer’s attention. The food pouch you choose will differentiate your brand from similar products on the same shelf. From the label and your logo to the shape of the packaging, a customer may remember your brand next time they visit the store.

How to choose the right food packaging?

There are two key-points to consider when determining the right packaging for your product:

  • The packaging should keep your particular food product safe.
  • It should catch the customer’s attention.

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