Plastic bags

Economical packaging solution with durability

Soft Loop handle

Soft Loop handle with folding

internal handle

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Pouch with drawstring

Courier envelopes

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Professional & customizable plastic bags accompanied by your logo to fully promote your business

Via a wide variety of materials and colors, choose the ones that suit your business and make your packaging stand out

What kind of plastic bag should I choose?

Plastic bags:

  • Produced from biodegradable materials with a shorter “shelf-life” that is more easily recycled.
  • Reusable with great durability, thus, ensuring long-term advertising of your brand.
  • The most money-saving packaging solution.
  • Wide range of materials & colors | Choose the ones that suit your business.
  • High-quality materials & printing for a flawless result.

In our effort to produce more environmentally friendly products, our plastic shopping bags are produced from biodegradable materials with a shorter “shelf-life” that can be directly recycled.

Plastic bags are commonly used by stores looking for more cost-efficient packaging solutions. They are divided into different categories based on their handle, shape and quality. Choose the right one for you!

They are reusable and are known for their durability and quality, thus, ensuring long-term advertising of your business brand. They are the most basic bag packaging solution.

Why should I choose a plastic bag for my business?

There are a few reasons why a business might choose to use plastic bags. First, plastic bags are typically cheaper than paper bags, making them a more economical option for businesses. In addition, plastic bags are often more durable and resistant to tearing, which can be important for businesses that need to transport heavier or bulkier items.

Plastic bags are also typically lighter than paper bags, which can be an advantage for businesses that need to transport a large number of bags. This can help reduce shipping costs and make the bags easier to carry for customers.

Another reason why businesses might choose plastic bags is that they are more versatile than paper bags. Plastic bags can be made in a wider range of sizes, styles, and colors, allowing businesses to choose the bags that best meet their needs and match their branding.

Plastic bags: Some of the benefits for both retailers and customers:


If you own a store or a supermarket, it is quite easy and cost-efficient to print your company name and logo on plastic bags.

It is cheaper than paper or fabric packaging:

A paper bag or a reusable fabric bag will drive up the cost of running your business. Buying plastic bags will be beneficial to your small business and your profit potential.

Easy to use:

Plastic bags open and are packed faster, saving you time. This is why they are widely used by busy cashiers. In addition, plastic bags take up less storage space than any other type of packaging.


Most bags are biodegradable, meaning that they can be decomposed in a reasonable amount of time when thrown away in the bin. This is because biodegradable bags are decomposed by bacteria, or other living organisms. The average time for a typical plastic bag to fully decompose is at least 500 years.

They consume less energy:

The manufacturing process is energy-efficient and the amount of solid waste is less. A plastic bag consumes up to 40% less energy for its manufacture and produces 70% less solid waste than a paper bag.

Durable and weather-resistant:

Plastic bags are known for their durability. They are less susceptible to tearing and are resistant to many chemicals. Plastic bags are superior to paper or cloth bags when it comes to protecting their contents from rain or water.

The benefits are many and, by thoroughly recycling them, both consumers and businesses can benefit from using them in an environmentally friendly way.

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