offset Paper Bags
with textile handle

Entirely manufactured industrially without any manual intervention!

The most economical & high-quality solution – luxury-bag standard!


  • They are entirely manufactured industrially without manual intervention, have specific characteristics and are not subject to further processing.
  • These bags do not include cardboard in the bottom.
  • They are printed by the ‘offset’ method in the same way as luxury paper bags. They have the same printing characteristics.
  • Machine-produced offset paper bags with textile handle are the most economical solution offering a high quality product with excellent results at a very low cost.


We offer the possibility, upon request, to use paper that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified; an international organization which ensures that forests are managed in a rational and respectful towards the environment way.

Through the company’s R&D department, after much research and experience, we use the appropriate types of paper.

We use special-quality papers which meet all the specifics and standards of the bag as well as all your requirements and demands.


140 gr

Specially manufactured paper – Especially recommended for the manufacture of packaging items.

  • Manufactured with long fiber cellulose.
  • It has 2 different sides: 1 glossy (shiny) surface, which has special coating, and 1 matte (velvety) side like the Bristol (“Kraft”) papers.
  • The printing effect, when printed on the glossy side and via always using a varnish, is impressive as the colors stand out.
  • When printed on the matt side, the color rendering is not as intense and the colors are duller.

The sizes

are specific







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