Help the environment – choose an ecological bag for your business

The choice of packaging for your business products is critical. You need to consider many factors to choose the most suitable one. One of these factors is sustainability.

The term “eco-friendly” packaging is more than just a keyword. In fact, eco-friendly packaging, such as an eco-bag, is not a personal choice of every businessman, but a necessity.

First of all, we can divide the “life stages” of a package into 3 different parts: its production, its use and its final consumption. To create an eco-bag, we can intervene and change the data in any or all of these stages!

At XENOS Packaging we actively contribute to the protection of the environment, using recyclable materials and certified raw materials in our production process but we also offer the possibility to choose multi-purpose fabric bags.

To understand how critical packaging choice is for any business, we need to start from the beginning.

Οικολογική Τσάντα

What do we mean by sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is not packaging that is simply recycled. Sustainable packaging is one that reduces the environmental footprint in the atmosphere.

In what ways?

  • Using 100% recyclable raw materials.
  • By reuse by consumers (circular economy).
  • With clean, carbon-free production practices.
  • With the energy efficiency of materials
  • With the sustainability of design, etc.

In short, sustainable packaging is packaging that is all about protecting the environment.

And surveys conducted in recent years have shown that consumers choose companies that prefer sustainable and ecological packaging over others. Not only that, but they are willing to pay more money to buy products from companies that support such packaging.

So when it comes time to choose the packaging for your business, eco-bags are a one-way street.

How do we choose an eco-friendly bag?

To choose the right eco-bag, we need to consider all the sustainability factors mentioned above.

> Raw materials

Pay great attention to the materials from which the eco-bag will be made. They should definitely be recyclable. But is it enough? Let’s say plant materials are recyclable. But what about when they are created by the deforestation of threatened rainforests;

There are therefore many parameters that can influence a package to be classified as ecological.

> Durability

An ecological bag should, among other things, be durable. In case the bag is made of fabric or cloth then its durability is ensured to a large extent. But if it is made of paper, then you should make sure that this paper is of high quality so that it can last.

There is no reason to choose paper packaging made of poor quality paper. The point is for your business to offer an eco-friendly bag to customers, which can be used over and over again.

That’s why it is better to choose a company that manufactures quality paper bags and spend a little more money from your budget than to buy cheaper, but not safe bags.

> Ways of producing the bag

Materials that enable more efficient processing and better performance can minimise energy and waste while reducing labour and material costs. For example, at XENOS we use paper from certified forests, thus contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

Choosing bags that have been created by companies that respect the environment and use ecological practices is a win-win situation.

> Design and size

Think about what products you are selling and buy the right bags for them. You don’t need to have huge packaging when your products take up little space.

Why consume more paper, fabric etc. when you can satisfy customers and the environment with less?

Also, go for bags that are ergonomically designed and friendly for frequent use.

Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and think: Would you carry a bag with you that would be uncomfortable? No. So why would you offer such a bag to your customers? Instead, a paper offset bag with a fabric handle or a luxury fabric bag would be first-class options so that your customers feel comfortable and happy to take them shopping.

> Packaging possibilities

If the eco-bag you choose has more than one use, then the benefits are multiple for the environment. Think how nice it would be if the bags you offer to your consumers are used not only for shopping but also as storage or as gifts, etc..

From all of the above, you as an entrepreneur can easily understand the benefits of buying an eco-bag for your business.

Already companies like Nestle and McDonald’s have announced that by 2025, the packaging of all their products will be moving in this direction.

A typical example is IKEA, which will use up to 91% recycled materials by 2020, significantly reducing energy consumption and waste production.

It is time to take the future of the planet in our hands and create a better tomorrow!