10 reasons why canvas bags will take off your business

Without a doubt, climate change and its consequences are monopolizing global attention. In this context, it is imperative for every business to turn to alternatives that will contribute to the aggravation of the environmental issue on the one hand, but will also give it a competitive and comparative advantage in these new conditions that are taking shape.

A simple yet very important step in this direction is the use of the canvas bag. The first and very legitimate question, which arises almost automatically, is: why should one make such a certainly more expensive  choice of packaging?

canvas bags

The following reasons will try to offer you a comprehensive answer to this question, which is so crucial for the future of any modern business:

1. They provide durability:

Cotton is the basic material of construction of the canvas bag. As is widely known, cotton fabric gives amazing durability and unrivalled quality. In detail, the use of the canvas bag automatically eliminates the main fear of every business, namely that the bag will not withstand the weight of the product and tear.

The use of a canvas bag guarantees a satisfied customer and ensures, to the highest degree, that the products will remain intact and be transported safely to their destination.

2. They are suitable for many uses:

Perhaps the most important advantage that canvas bags offer is their reusability, a dual benefit for both you and your customers. More specifically, the business that uses such bags ensures a continuous – and free – advertising of its brand, while its customers enjoy a reliable and convenient packaging for transporting their items.

3. They create a unique aesthetic effect: 

It is a fact that beautiful and stylish things attract attention, spark interest and are engraved in the consumer’s memory. There is no doubt that canvas bags can achieve all of the above, as they accommodate the company logo and contact details in a way that anyone would envy. In this way, not only can they be used as a means of transporting products, but also offer a fresher, modern and contemporary image of any business.

4. Attract a wide range of audiences:

Cloth bags are loved by young and old alike, however for different reasons. Older generations focus mainly on the utility and convenience they offer, while younger generations, i.e. young people between 15-25 years old, attach great importance to the ethical values that the products represent. Consequently, they will prefer to buy from a company that shows a genuine concern for the environment and cares about the quality it provides. In a rapidly evolving world, in order to gain longevity, a company must sense and adapt to new trends. Replacing the plastic bag with a cloth bag is a step in this direction.

5. They demonstrate the ecological consciousness of the company:την οικολογική συνείδηση της επιχείρησης: 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of cloth bags is their environmental value. They are made from 100% cotton, which means they are 100% eco-friendly. Creating a greener Earth is the responsibility of all of us, consumers and producers alike. Perhaps even more so for the latter, since they oversee the production process of the products, which causes more or less pollution of the environment.

The business of the 21st century must also be a socially aware and socially conscious enterprise. Remember: you are not only selling your goods, but also your brand. And the market, now more than ever, is interested in the latter.

canvas bags

6. They are less expensive (in the long run):

Μπορεί εκ πρώτης όψεως να φαίνεται παράδοξο, αλλά οι πάνινες τσάντες ίσως αποδειχθεί, ότι πέρα των υπολοίπων ευεργετικών τους ιδιοτήτων, έχουν προβάδισμα και στον παράγοντα «τιμή». Τη θέση αυτή μπορούμε να αιτιολογήσουμε στη βάση δύο δεδομένων: αφενός, στο ότι μία πάνινη τσάντα θα επαναχρησιμοποιηθεί από τον πελάτη, (γεγονός που οδηγεί στη μείωση της επιπόλαιας, σπάταλης χρήσης των σακουλών), και αφετέρου, στο ότι δεν επιβαρύνεται ο προϋπολογισμός της επιχείρησης με την υποχρέωση καταβολής του περιβαλλοντικού φόρου για τις πλαστικές τσάντες.

Ενώ, λοιπόν, στην αρχή η διαφορά τιμής τους απ’ τις αντίστοιχες για παράδειγμα  πλαστικές τσάντες μπορεί να σας αποθαρρύνει από την προτίμησή τους, να είστε βέβαιοι ότι μακροπρόθεσμα η επιλογή των πάνινων τσαντών θα αποδειχθεί η πιο οικονομική λύση για την επιχείρησή σας.

7. Canvas bags add competitive advantage:

The competition that prevails in the modern market is, nowadays, a basic condition of its operation. This means, in short, that in the sales arena, it is the one who manages to stand out and make a difference that has the edge.

The canvas bag can achieve this difference. A survey of your competitors will prove that the shift towards canvas bags, although a process that is dynamically progressing throughout the market, is not yet complete. In fact, not only has it not been completed, but even its use by one entrepreneur is the exception rather than the rule. The customer to whom you offer the possibility of safe and elegant transport of your product via the “canvas solution” undoubtedly has the -minimal, but nevertheless important – thought: “Hm, good for him! Here’s something different”.

So grab the unique opportunity to innovate easily and economically before the “cloth solution” becomes the norm rather than the exception.

8. Improve brand image:

By choosing printed fabric bags with your branding, you are giving your business an extremely useful advertising tool. Your brand thus not only increases its chances of being seen by the eyes of the consumers, but at the same time, makes its appearance in the most elegant, eye-catching and attractive way.

9. They offer flexibility:

What is special and impressive about the canvas bag is its simplicity. A “simplicity” that does not here assume the meaning of “trivial” or “indifferent”, but, on the contrary, appears as the saving solution to any need of the modern man to carry all kinds of objects.

It can be used for shopping in the supermarket, for a walk around the neighbourhood, for a stroll in the park and be just as effective and useful. It is this simplicity or, more accurately, the multiplicity in its use, that, in fact, makes the canvas bag the smartest solution in the mind of the consumer.

Most  importantly: After use, it is folded, stored taking up minimal space and reused!

It’s easy to use and can be stored in a small space.

Πάνινες Τσάντες

10. They advertise our business and products:

Canvas bags are the last image with which customers will leave the store. With that being said, you have no choice but to ensure that this image, this final impression, is the best. The most impressive.

Eco-friendly, aesthetically beautiful and versatile canvas bags prove to be the best mobile advertising for your business. And, of course, the well-known implication applies here too: better advertising = more sales = more profits!

By choosing canvas bags, you are making a smart choice that benefits everyone: The environment, your business and your customers, while automatically becoming a strong and calculable competitor in the market.