The secret of a successful company

We humans spend on average 1/3 of our lives at work.  At work we experience both moments of joy and creativity as well as moments of anxiety, frustration and stress. Therefore, living in a healthy working environment is more than necessary.

In order to understand whether there is health in a company, one does not need to be a psychology expert, it is enough to observe its employees. The mirror of a company is its people, its human resources.  Are they smiling? Do they show a willingness to serve customers or do they do it formally? Do they feel comfortable in the space? In short, are they happy at work?

Below we will take a closer look at the importance of a happy employee and why they are the key to a successful company. But before we explain the benefits that any business gets from a happy employee, let’s look at what the business itself needs to do to have such employees in its workforce.

What does a business need to do to have happy employees?

#1 Provide security and trust

Let’s start with the basics. All of us in order to perform at our best need to feel safe. And when we say safe, we mean not being afraid to show who we really are without fear of workplace bullying (mobbing).

We shouldn’t have to get up in the morning and think about how we’re going to get to work. A happy employee goes with a smile because they know they are going to an environment they feel comfortable in.

#2 Operate with fairness

Fair treatment may be taken for granted by many, but unfortunately it is not a given. It’s a safe bet that you’ve either heard or experienced unfairness yourself in the way supervisors or employers treat staff. Not a pleasant feeling, which brings grumbling.

On the contrary, if there is a sense of fairness and equal treatment to all, regardless of sympathies and personal preferences, then surely all employees who are consistent will feel satisfied.

Let us not forget, of course, fairness as far as the employee’s rights to insurance, payroll at the stipulated time, etc. are concerned, which if anything are prerequisites for a pleasant atmosphere.

#3 Caring for the development of the employee

One of the most important roles of the one who leads the company is to care about the development of all employees. To listen to their wants, desires and if he can, to offer them the right tools or trainings to develop them even more professionally.

Providing development support such as training opportunities and career guidance is attractive to every employee.

#4 Valuing and rewarding contributions to the job

Every person who toils for the best needs to be rewarded. From a simple “thank you” and a “thumbs up” to a salary increase, productivity bonus or even a promotion.

Any form of recognition will keep employees happy and drive them to constantly strive to improve.

#5 Be adaptive and understand the employee’s personal life

Work-life balance, especially in recent years, is more than just a matter of asking.

The world’s top employers, as revealed through surveys, have been observed to place great importance on this delicate balance. How can this be done in practice? Flexible working hours and hybrid working models seem to satisfy employees. When there is an understanding on the part of management of employees’ personal issues as well as temporary changes in their lives that require support and flexibility, the employee feels happy and content to belong to a company that supports them!

Ευτυχισμένος Εργαζόμενος

What’s in it for a company?

#1 Greater efficiency

Happy employees are more productive. When employees are happy and don’t have job stresses like getting paid on time, they focus only on their work and are willing to take on new bigger challenges with equal joy.

#2 More Profits

As a corollary to efficiency are profits. If you take examples of successful companies on a global scale, you’ll notice that the ever-increasing turnover comes from companies that pay a lot of attention to their staff. It is a win – win situation where both the company and the employee come out winners.

#3 Best team

Happy employees are more likely to help new employees acclimate to the workplace, and in times of economic crisis, everyone becomes a team to deal with a difficult situation. Teamwork is a trait that can only be found in healthy work environment

#4 Loyalty

If you give your employees the sense that they don’t just work for a company, but are an important piece of the puzzle and its operations, then you will earn their loyalty. And we all know how important it is and the positive results it brings. After all, a hallmark of a healthy company climate is that you will rarely see employees quitting or being laid off. They perform their duties while gaining experience from which the company they work for will also benefit.

#5 They provide better service

When employees are happy, it’s a given that they will serve customers better. The moment a potential customer walks into the store, they will try to show off the products or services of the business with such zeal that one would think they own it. And yet they do this because they simply want to reciprocate in their own way the pleasant conditions that the business gives them.

#6 Positive atmosphere

Businesses that have all the above qualities create a positive atmosphere, which is evident in every aspect. A pleasant and smiling employee also reflects the climate of his work as well as reflects the management of the company he works for. 

Even when mistakes are made, when something may go wrong, a good atmosphere will make things normalize much sooner.

Ευτυχισμένος Εργαζόμενος

At XENOS over the years of operation, we have shown through our actions how much we believe in the strength of our workforce. Each individual has their own value and adds a unique touch to the canvas called XENOS PACKAGING.

Our employees are our ambassadors. As soon as a customer, supplier, carrier, external partner or courier employee comes into contact with any of the XENOS employees, they can understand the atmosphere in the company. And they are a big part of who we are today.

Without our colleagues we would not be this company. And for that we owe them a big thank you!