How your hotel bags can impress even the most demanding guests!

The best establishments know that a clean room or a good breakfast is not enough to satisfy their guests.

They need something more, some little “touches” that will enhance their experience.

Hotel bags are a prime opportunity to let even our most demanding customers know how valuable and welcome they are in our facilities. As we have mentioned, printed bags are a powerful tool for advertising our brand.

At XENOS PACKAGING we have created a whole range for packaging for hotels, boutique hotels, rental rooms and any other type of accommodation to enhance your quality and image to the people who will visit your premises.

Let’s take a look at the Hotel Collection:

#1 Luxury paper bags

Luxury paper bags can be the best advertisement for our accommodation. Due to the many sizes and the handmade construction, these bags stand out for their high quality and impressive results.

We use them mainly for providing promotional material
of our hotel to our customers. In this way they will not only be able to be informed about the latest developments in our hotel.
about all the facilities of our accommodation but will also be able to reminisce about the days when they were with us
they visited. With this small additional cost we will incur as a
as a business, we will strengthen the brand
and the value of our hotel in the minds and consciousness of our guests.

Also, if we want to give commemorative gifts to our loyal guests or on special occasions (e.g. newlywed guests), we can offer them in these luxury paper bags, creating an atmosphere of euphoria that will stay with them for a long time.

#2 Laundry bags

The more amenities we provide in our hotel, the happier our guests will be. Laundry is one of the services that is a “hands off” for many of our guests.

But where will they place them? A simple plastic bag would create a very bad impression of the quality and respect we show our guests. Instead, a laundry bag is what they need! It is a discreet and clever packaging in the form of a pouch, where customers will place their laundry before handing it over to us for the cleaning or freshening up they want.

#3 Delivery bags

If our hotel has a catering area then it is necessary to purchase paper delivery bags. Surely, we have had a customer who is in such a hurry that while he wants to taste the delicacies of our restaurant, he does not have the required time. In order for him to have the opportunity to taste the menu of our restaurant, without at the same time being late for an appointment, we can offer him takeaway services.

The paper bags with flat or twist handle, are the best solution for delivery. The printing of these packages is done with flexo method, i.e. using water-based inks, which gives an ecological extension to the packaging.

So the next time a customer asks to get
the next time a customer wants to get his food in a package, he can do it in the most cost-effective way possible.
not only for them, but for us.

#4 Plastic bags

The plastic bags, known to all of us, are a more economical and affordable solution for those who have a limited budget in the field of packaging. They are commonly used by establishments for promotion or customer service.

Although plastic, the bags are recyclable and are produced with both a handle and loop handle. The choice, depends on the needs we have.

#5 Multipurpose Textile bags

If our accommodation is seaside or wants to give an extra luxury to its customers, then it can choose multi-purpose textile bags.

But why do textile bags are mostly preferred by seaside hotels and resorts? The material from which the bag is made is durable and ideal for a family with children or a couple who want to enjoy the sea to take it to the beach.

With the bag that we donated to them and which bears our brand name, they will be our best advertisement wherever they move on their holidays. Whether they go swimming or shopping, our brand will accompany them.

Thus, at a much lower cost than any other type of advertising would cost, we will also attract new customers and keep existing ones loyal.

#6 Eco-friendly multi-purpose bags

The most modern advertising trend through bags is the one that combines quality and ecology. Multi-purpose ecological bags are the best way to show the ecological side of our accommodation.

In recent years, the world has turned to “green” eco-friendly options. Hotel guests are no exception. The number of people who also set ecological criteria for where they stay on their holidays is increasing. By offering an eco-friendly bag, made of flexible cotton fabric, to our regulars, we will manage to amaze them. It is certain that such a package will not go unnoticed by anyone, let alone environmentalists or people with environmental concerns.

Bags for hotels have a huge potential in the minds of their guests. They not only provide a way of packing or storing products, but they create an added value to the amenities provided by each accommodation, thus maximising the recognition and the profits that can be collected in the long run by the entrepreneur. So if you are interested in this added value, we are sure