The perfect e-shop packaging will… pay off!

Let’s face it: When we buy a product online, the first thing we notice is the packaging of the eshop we bought it from.

The unboxing or unpackaging we all know became widely known from online sales, and not by accident. Although for all businesses investing in packaging is important, as we have mentioned, for e-shops it is more than necessary.

For e-commerce companies, packaging is necessary in order for the products to be shipped. Somehow the product has to reach the hands of the person who preferred our products. For this to happen, a courier envelope, or another paper or plastic bag is needed. But how can the buyer form an impression of our company without having some personal contact with us and our store? But of course through the packaging!

Let’s look at myths and truths that have developed around e-shop packaging.

Myth #1: “All a good package needs is to provide security.”

Many argue that packaging is only needed to transport the product from our e-shop to the customer’s home or office safely. Yes, clearly one of our first concerns when choosing packaging is to ensure that it provides high quality standards. But nowadays that is not enough.

For a package to be considered good, it must satisfy not just one, but several of the consumer’s senses. Our customer should fall in love with it as soon as he sees it. It should have bright colours and a nice logo. When he holds the packaging in his hands, he should understand that the material used is of high quality. Also, in some cases, businessmen scent the packaging so that when the customer opens it, pleasant aromas emerge. Already, all of this positively predisposes our customer without even having had a chance to see the product they have purchased. And as we know very well, the first impression always counts.

Myth #2: “It’s not worth paying money for the packaging part, since the product I provide is perfect.”

Every good businessman has to give the best product he can to the market. But that does not necessarily mean that the consumer will prefer it over the competition. Clearly, it is a pleasure when we produce or sell products that make us proud. But is that enough for someone to choose us?

Therefore, as much as our products are of high quality, we should choose packaging that matches that quality. Discounts in the choice of packaging can be disastrous for both the reputation and profits of our business.

Truth #1: “With the right packaging I will get loyal customers.”

Indeed it is. More specifically, research has shown that the experience of unpackaging, or more commonly known as unboxing, is an important part of the consumer’s buying journey. This journey consists of 5 key stages:

  1. Recognition: at this stage, the consumer learns about our product
  2. Evaluation: In this stage, he compares our product with similar products
  3. Conversion: In this stage, he makes the decision to buy the product. Congratulations! To have reached the consumer after stage 3 on his buying journey means that we have managed to convince him to trust our company and our products. But the remaining two stages are what will make the customer loyal and committed to our company. That’s why we need to give them special attention.
  4. Retention: The customer buys from us again and again because they are satisfied
  5. Advocacy: The customer now not only prefers our company’s products, but also recommends them to his or her surroundings

The customer is eagerly awaiting our product. The courier delivery man rings the bell and tells him that the package he was expecting has arrived. The consumer finally has the package containing the product he bought in his hands. This is the most crucial point. It is the only opportunity for our business to touch our customer. Therefore, the right packaging is vital.

If our customer is impressed by the quality, the materials, the appearance, the shape, the colors of the packaging, then he will feel confident in his purchase. He already holds the first proof that he made the right choice. So if the product has also arrived carefully at its destination, then we will have achieved the optimal buying experience. Plus, we have a customer who will prefer us without hesitation for the second, third time and so on. In fact, if he is so satisfied, he will become the biggest “fan” of the company and the products we sell, encouraging his friends and acquaintances to prefer us.

The result will be to create an unbroken chain of satisfied customers that will only grow!

Truth #2: “High quality eshop packaging brings me more profits.”

Indeed, such a small expense for our business as packaging for the e-shop can prove to be a goldmine for our company. A high percentage of consumers, when buying a product, have proven to stand by the design and quality of the packaging.

As we mentioned a little above, packaging is a powerful tool in building customer loyalty. A business in order to have great profitability over time and not just transiently, must keep its customers. Every consumer who approaches us and buys even one of our products for the first time must become a permanent customer.

Repeat customers who will frequently visit our site to make purchases are the ones who will make our business profitable. Misguided packaging choices for price reasons are capable of reducing the company’s momentum, let’s not let that happen.


We prefer to buy packaging for our online store that will reflect the quality of our products. Let’s stop thinking of packaging as just a simple means of transport and understand that it is part of the whole buying process. In order for the consumer to have a complete shopping experience, he or she must be satisfied, among other things, with the packaging of the product they buy.

Let’s give it the satisfaction it needs and let us as consumers think about the pleasure we get from stylish and well-kept packaging. Any investment made in this direction can only bring positive results to our brand.

So what do you say…. Shall we start e-packaging?