Fabric bags are the favorite of consumers!

In recent years, fabric bags have become the most popular choice of consumers. That’s why businesses have turned to the fabric packaging bag market, and not without reason.

Research has shown that younger generations are now placing a high value on alternatives that do not harm the environment. In fact, they are more easily persuaded to buy from a company that selects its packaging according to ecological criteria than from another that does not care.

Therefore, if we want our business to gain an immediate and significant advantage with this audience, what better way than to choose fabric bags for our product packaging.

But why fabric?

There are several other types of packaging. A luxury paper bag can guarantee impressive results, a plastic bag would certainly be more economical, while an industrial paper bag would meet the ecological demands of our time. So why choose the fabric bag for your business?

υφασμάτινες τσάντες

#1 They have durability

Fabric bags are the bags with the most durability. The fabric is made of 100% cotton non woven of superior quality, suitable to withstand heavy weights without wearing out.

#2 They do not pollute the environment

As we mentioned a little above, fabric is a completely ecological material. But that’s not all that makes fabric bags eco-friendly.

The colours used, which are water-based, offer a quality effect without polluting the atmosphere with toxic substances.

#3 Can lift up to 10-15 kg

If our business has heavy products, our packaging should be able to lift them.

Consider a customer who has just purchased one of our products, going home and in transit, our packaging can’t handle the weight and breaks down. Our customer will not only be unhappy but is very unlikely to choose us again for their purchases.

#4 They are reusable

As entrepreneurs we certainly think about the costs. A fabric bag will put more strain on our budget than a paper or plastic bag. So why should we choose it?

Fabric bags do indeed cost more, but we can use them over and over again. A customer of ours will not leave aside the fabric bag we offer. Because of the many uses it can have, he will carry it with him all the time: to work, to the supermarket shopping, to the beach, etc.

But what is our profit as entrepreneurs? But of course advertising. Just think that in all these places, the luxury fabric bag will be marketed under our brand name and will make its presence felt to the dozens of eyes that will see it.

Therefore, if we choose packaging and with the aim of advertising, we should pay special attention to, among other things, the colours and designs that will be imprinted on it.

#5 Provide privacy

There are times when we don’t want the things we carry with us to be seen. Why should the other person know what we put in a bag? Fabric bags can keep their contents a secret.

Because of their opacity, we can put food, drinks or even personal items in them that we don’t want others to comment on.

#6 Add style

Unlike all other bags, in the fabric bags we find the unique opportunity to add a very special and qualitative style, such as that of silk-screen printing.

This printing technique, is still the king of prints, as it offers the best results. Our fabric bags, will not be just transport packages, but a work of art.

Therefore, if we are willing to add great value to the products we are marketing and show our customers our practical appreciation, then we can do so by choosing fabric packaging bags. So a fabric bag is not just a means of transport but perhaps our… everyday bag!