Packaging bags for bookstores and publishing houses

Which one is right for you ? 👇

When it comes time for bookstores and publishers to choose packing bags for their customers, they are in a dilemma of what to choose. There is a plethora of options and the question is which one is right for their business.

If you own a bookstore or are in charge of a publishing house, there are three main materials you will need to choose from:

Τσάντες Συσκευασίας Για Βιβλιοπωλεία

Plastic, paper and fabric.

Let’s go over what each material offers in detail and in which situations each is appropriate.

#1 Plastic bags

Plastic bags for bookstores

Plastic bags are an ideal choice for bookstores and publishers thanks to their many benefits:

  • They’re lightweight which means less physical strain on your staff.
  • In addition, they can be stored very easily wrapped inside each other without the fear of being crumpled, as can be the case with more delicate materials such as paper.

This advantage becomes greater when you have to move large quantities at the same time or climb/descend stairs etc.

  • In addition, the plastic bag is waterproof which means it can protect books or any other goods you have without the fear of them being damaged.
  • Last but not least, but equally importantly, their cost is affordable and accessible. Especially in cases where you need very large quantities of packing bags, plastic bags seem like a great choice.

The suitable types for bookstores and publishing houses that want to source plastic bags are the following:

#2 Paper bags

Paper bags for bookstores

Paper bags are a key part of the sustainability of the paper cycle. (sustainability).

  • Paper bags are 100% reusable and recyclable. So as long as you want your business to have an eco-friendly face, they are a good choice.
  • In addition, many times paper bags can withstand more weight compared to plastic bags.
  • Furthermore, they are safer as it is more difficult for a small child or animal to suffocate from them.
  • On the flip side, unlike plastic bags, paper bags are not waterproof, so in case the weather factor plays a crucial role in your choice, you should think about it and possibly come up with another solution.
  • Also, as mentioned above, paper bags need more storage space and are heavier.

Paper, if of high quality and construction, can meet the needs of even the most demanding. While also, the plethora of designs and colors that can be rendered offers excellent results.

Some of the most typical types of paper bags for bookstores and publishing houses are as follows:

#3 Fabric bags

Bookstore Tote Bag

Many entrepreneurs, although they love fabric bags, are afraid of the financial cost of such a choice. But in reality, investing in this kind of bags brings multiple profits compared to what you will spend.

If you take a look around you are sure to see more and more people walking around with a fabric bag in their hands. Fabric bags (or tote bags as many bibliophiles call them) are trending worldwide.

  • By choosing fabric bags, you can promote your business brand as they are mobile advertising.
  • Another benefit of this choice is that they are more robust and have more durability than both plastic and paper bags. You won’t have to worry about the bags getting damaged or torn.
  • People love them because they are practical and beautiful. Especially, if you choose to print a clever saying or an imaginative design on them along with your branding, then you will give your customers another reason to take them with them on other shopping trips.
  • And finally, fabric bags are the best solution for the environment. These kinds of bags are 100% recyclable and can be used over and over again. Suggest to your regular customers to carry it with them every time they come to your store, so that they can help the environment in this way and make them feel that they are actively participating in this effort. Educate them to understand the benefits of this choice. This way, you won’t have to provide them with a new bag every time, saving your budget significantly.

The most appropriate options for Bookstore Tote Bag are:

Whatever your choice for a packaging bag for your business, we at XENOS PACKAGING, with years of experience deep knowledge and love in the field, can recommend the best solution for your needs.