How do I choose delivery packaging that stands out?

Every day the number of consumers who choose to order their food by phone or online is increasing. The same is true in the case of take away food from the shop/restaurant.

Modern living conditions, let alone the extraordinary reality of the rapid and unprecedented health developments that have been imposed, make take-away food the only solution, as it combines the deliciousness of one’s favourite restaurant with the safety of one’s own home.

But how safe is it to transport them? How certain is it that the order will reach the consumer’s hands safely? Which bag or pouch is the most suitable for transport? How much does this transport ultimately cost the catering company?

Choose Delivery Packaging: Tips and Tricks for Shipping Success

There are many smart carrier bags for delivery. Depending on the options and the available budget, one can choose the one that will advertise everywhere on its journey until it reaches the … hungry recipient!

Fabric … The most luxurious!

With a fabric bag, transportation is simply luxury! In addition to achieving its main purpose of safe transportation, the store logo will be hosted in every home and will accompany many of the new owner’s outings, since the convenient, flexible and modern character of the bag makes it ideal for reuse.

But let’s look in detail at the reasons why this is proposed:

  • It is the most beautiful, presentable transport packaging!
  • The fabric bag with internal lamination, can be used as a shopping bag and advertise you unrepeatable.
  • The safety of the product is at the top of the advantages of the fabric bag, since the fabric is not only durable but also waterproof.
  • A brand will advertise itself on a fabric bag, as the colours are highlighted on the cloth.
  • It is the most ecological product, since the fabric is completely environmentally friendly.
  • It includes an internal film of protection against moisture, an element that automatically makes the bag safer, since it is tolerant of any accidental contact with liquid.

Of course, every luxury comes at a price! So, it is recommended to decide on the available budget before choosing the bag and the purposes it will serve.

So choose a fabric bag with internal waterproofing if you want to see your bag circulate….. everywhere and for years!

Choose Delivery Packaging

Cotton bag (Cotton) … The most ecological!

What better for your advertising to “offer” the home transport of your products with an ecological and fully respectful of the environment fabric bag. So why choose a cotton bag as your delivery packaging?

  • It is probably the best solution for the person who wishes to use it after its purchase to transport heavy weights … even bulky books.
  • Due to the cotton fabric it is easy to use, flexible and very easy to handle, as it may well become our everyday shoulder bag!
  • The printed brand will be released throughout the market, since both your consumers and you will be able to … wear it!
  • Made with the most ecological materials consisting of the purest and softest cotton!

So its economic value may not be on the level of a paper bag, but maybe it is simply…it is the most handy thing you can give to your customer!

A cotton bag can be reused and placed in the client’s bag for any immediate use.

Delivery Packaging

Paper bag … The king of delivery!

Let’s start with the most famous and widespread bag in the takeaway and delivery market. It holds the first place in this sector and is preferred by businessmen, who are interested in the modern presentation of their business and in showing their ecological consciousness.

  • Delivery packaging at low budget! It is undoubtedly the most economical solution in this type of packaging, but this does not mean that it is inferior in appearance and usability.
  • It is environmentally friendly, as it can be completely recycled. The paper can be reused after it has been converted into pulp, thus allowing it to be reintroduced into the production process. The ecologically aware consumer attaches decisive importance to the ‘ecological’ factor and will, of course, take a positive view of the company’s choice in order to re-evaluate it in the future.
  • It is distinguished by its high degree of resistance during transport, as the paper from which it is made is solid and consists of long cellulose fibres, which makes it safe to use.
  • The paper, whether white or kraft, consists of invisible breathing holes, which helps the product to oxygenate and thus keep it fresh.
  • Should you decide to print this bag, your business (fast food/restaurant) logo will embark on a long journey of …advertising. It will circulate in different places, and pass through different hands. So without you even trying, this paper bag will advertise you.
Delivery Packaging

Is it worth investing in the delivery bag for my business?

There is no doubt that delivery or takeaway packaging is an integral part of the final product. Through it, the delicious contents are perfectly presented and accompanied.

The image that the customer will form of a business depends on a number of factors, which the customer subtly evaluates throughout the service. The length of the ordering process, the speed of service, the perfect and safe transport and the great taste of the food will lead to a satisfied customer. Therefore, hosting your product in an equally handy, beautiful and durable packaging will definitely be an element that your customer will evaluate either positively or negatively, depending on the care you will also show when choosing it.

A packaging that is safe, environmentally friendly and eye-catching can only be a packaging that customers will be happy to hold and circulate.

Invest in the safe transport of your food, invest in your advertising … the more products that depart from your food store, restaurant or fast food, the more you become known, the more the dozens of eyes of passers-by stay on your bag … and promise to taste your delicacies!

And don’t forget…one orders, one receives…thousands of others look at your logo!!!

The XENOS PACKAGING team is at your disposal to help you create the right packaging for your business.