Everything you need to know about packaging

There are many factors that influence consumers to switch to a product.
One of the most important is the packaging.

Finding a smart product is certainly a big challenge, but even bigger is finding the right packaging to showcase and accompany it. So let’s take a detailed look at everything we need to know about packaging.

What is packaging? Why is it useful? And of course, what is the question, how can
how can our business benefit from it?

What is packaging?

If we want to give a short definition of packaging, we could say that it is the process of presenting the product to the final consumer. It involves the way that certain materials will be used so that
protect our products, the way they will be displayed and advertised.

But there are those who say, “Packaging is just packaging. The product it’s the product that matters.” If you share this view, perhaps you should reconsider ? Based on marketing and research that has been done from time to time consumer research, packaging plays a bigger role than we might have thought initially. In fact, there are more than a few who argue that packaging is just as much as important as the product itself.

Packaging is the first image that the consumer sees and as we all know, packaging is the first thing that the consumer sees. The first image is of primary importance for our purchasing choice.

Do you still find this theory far-fetched? Let’s see and think global giants such as Coca-Cola, which established its name with the with its packaging. Going to the supermarket, it’s safe to say that all of us can we can all pick out a bottle of Coca – Cola with our eyes closed and buy it without hesitation. Why is this? Because we recognise the packaging, we trust the product and prefer it without even looking for other similar products, which may be are just as good. This small but striking example shows the power of good and strong packaging.

What characteristics should the ideal packaging have?

1# Be of high quality:

It is not enough for the quality of the product to sell, you need an equally high quality product packaging. Poor quality packaging negatively predisposes the consumer, and the product he or she will get his or her hands on is just as bad. But even after the purchase it is important that the product reaches its destination safely. Therefore, when it comes to the point of choosing packaging, it is best to choose a robust packaging made from quality raw materials, even if it means we have to spend a little extra money. The result will make up for it.

#2 Be functional:

It is extremely important that the packaging of a product can be reused and perform a role other than that of safe transport of the product. To be easy to use, so that it can be reused by the consumer in perhaps a different way situation.

#3 Be smart, impressive and innovative:

It adds tremendous value and prestige for the consumer to associate the product with a
impressive packaging. It immediately gives the impression that behind a carefully designed
packaging is a brand that pays attention to detail.

#4 Respect the product:

An appropriate and well thought out packaging shows the respect that the
the entrepreneur gives to his product, and when he respects it, so does the
customer does the same.


How can we benefit from choosing the right packaging?

Optimizes the consumer experience:
The joy of every entrepreneur who puts a product on the market is to receive positive feedback
feedback about it. A large part of consumer satisfaction is due to the packaging. It’s the first image someone will have when they hold the product in their hands. So we have to do our best to positively predispose the product customer. When the packaging visually and practically satisfies the user then it means we have succeeded in optimising their experience of the product.

● It creates loyal customers:
The above example with Coca – Cola can explain how the packaging is able to create loyal customers. The consumer thinks not only logically but also emotionally. He likes to create links with the product he consumes. Therefore, as part of the product, packaging has a decisive influence on the feelings and desires of the user-consumer.

● It advertises the product itself:
It is very likely that you are not in the shop or in the consumer’s home, when they receive the product, so you won’t be able to talk about it. The packaging can do it for you. By creating packaging that will that meets the requirements and needs of the product, you will let it
“tell its own story. And when packaging succeeds it can become the best advertisement for the product and the brand. and its brand. It will advertise it, it will travel it, it will make it known! Think of the possibility of reusing the packaging or even promoting it in the social media (unboxing) of the consumer.

● It increases the prestige of our business:
When the consumer sees the product to be purchased, well placed in a safe, impressive and functional package, then it immediately becomes positively identifies the company offering it to the market.

In short, packaging is the overall user experience. Think about how many companies have managed to stand out in the eyes of consumers because of their unique – special packaging. Tasteful and high quality packaging can be acquired by every any kind of business regardless of its size.

Xenos Packaging has the necessary expertise, years of experience and the range experience and a wide range of options needed to create a unique, impressive and innovative packaging that will familiarise the brand with the consumer, contributing to the ultimate goal of every business: to increase sales and awareness.