Why wine bags are an advertising tool for wine cellars and wineries

Nowadays, the abundance of choices in the wine market is greater than ever. It is not enough for wineries and wineries to have quality and tasty wines, but they also need that little bit extra, which will give them an edge over the competition. Wine bags are a fantastic way to advertise your winery or cellar.

Wine Bags – The Perfect Companion for Your Wine Bottles

These bags, depending on your needs and the budget available to you, vary in material, colours, sizes and designs and can be the best advertising tool for your business.

Τσάντες Κρασιών

But let’s take a closer look at the choices you have in wine bags and the benefits of such a purchase.

The benefits of buying a promotional bag for wine cellars and wineries

The wine bottle bag is not only a way to safely transport products from your wine cellar or winery to the consumer’s home, but also a powerful marketing tool. Your investment in wine bags has many benefits, the most important being the following:

1# Customer loyalty

Customers who buy wine from you that you offer in a sophisticated bag are sure to appreciate it and return to buy more of your wines.

Consumers through good and curated packaging feel that the business appreciates them and within a short time they turn into loyal customers.

2# Promote your brand

There are many ways to promote your business, but few are as efficient and easy as choosing a classy wine bag. In most cases, customers will need a bag in which to carry their purchases home. Wine bags with the company logo printed on them can be used as the best mobile advertising, and this is because consumers will take them with them for other uses.

They can carry them with them to store wine safely on a trip they are going on. They can also take them as a gift and that way other consumers will get to know you.

So, with a small investment on your part, you can promote your brand easily and effectively.

3# Adds value to your products

When it comes time to choose wine bags for your business, you need to keep in mind how much you want to maximize the value of your products. A premium bag and with your own logo, gives the customer the feeling that the products they will buy are equally premium.

Every customer wants to feel unique and important. Carefully crafted wine bags can lead him in that direction.

4# Shows the sustainable side of your business

More and more consumers are now looking for businesses that respect the environment.

You can be sure that your customer will appreciate a cloth bag for their wine much more than one that is made of non-recyclable or disposable materials.

The fabric bag will be used over and over again, so in the long run this way not only is the consumer and the environment a winner, but also you, as a regular customer will come back with the same bag for their next purchases.

Wine bags: The options

The options available to you to choose the ideal wine bags for your wine cellar or winery are many and appeal to both those who want to make an economical choice and those who want to offer a more premium value to their customers.

1. Plastic bag

Plastic bags are an affordable choice and what characterizes them is their durability. In this particular category, there are two different types of bags:

>Plastic bag with soft Loop handle

Πλαστική τσάντα με χειρολαβή soft Loop

It is the most common type of plastic bag, which, apart from being economical, is very durable and easy to use.

The soft loop handle helps your customer to carry his wines comfortably and safely.

This particular bag is also available with a folding bag.

>Plastic bag with internal handle

Πλαστική τσάντα με εσωτερική λαβή

The second choice in plastic bags is the one with the inner handle. The difference between it and the soft loop is that it does not have a glued handle but a notch in such a way that it forms an inner handle.

Just as economical as the soft loop, with an added advantage: The same bag dimension has more pieces per kilogram than the soft loop.

The plastic bag with an inner handle is also available with a folding handle.

2. Paper bag

Paper bags can hold from one to three bottles of wine and are ideal for those who want to create small masterpieces of art on the bag.

>Luxury paper bag

Χάρτινη τσάντα πολυτελείας

A slightly more expensive, but also more impressive solution than plastic bags, are the luxury paper bags.

Luxury paper bags offer an endless variety of sizes and printing in up to five colors.

If you choose this type of bag for your wine cellar or winery, then it is recommended that it be laminated so that it is more robust and has greater durability.

3. Fabric bag

The most modern and environmentally friendly solution for your wine packaging bags is definitely the fabric bags. Fabric bags come in different types so you can choose the one that suits you best:

>Luxury fabric bag

It is a sustainable solution, with excellent quality and durability.

It is available with both short and long handles, while its carefully designed seams offer the best possible result.

>Fabric bag with pockets

Υφασμάτινη τσάντα με θήκες

Perhaps the best choice for you who want to make a real investment in the packaging part. Offer your customers the opportunity to carry all the bottles of wine they buy in one durable bag, as this particular bag with compartments can hold up to nine bottles of wine.

Your customers will be able to safely carry the products they have chosen from your business and at the same time they will be impressed by this option.

Whatever solution you choose for your cellar or winery, XENOS PACKAGING is here, with its rich experience in the field of packaging, to help you make the best investment you can in order to keep you and your customers happy.