Printed bag – Why is it worth investing?

If we ask traders and business owners which of the costs their business has are “unnecessary” and “unprofitable”, most will give the same answer: “But of course packaging. We don’t sell it, nor does it make us any profit, it’s just a necessary evil that has an extra cost that often isn’t even calculated!”

Let’s look at this answer together and analyse it in detail, providing evidence, and then decide at the end… Is the investment in the custom bag/bag ultimately worth it or not?

The Printed Bags 🛍️

#1 It has a minimal impact on the final cost of the product

Let’s start from the assumption that the bag of a product is not sold, since it is a supply of the store (the only exception to this rule is bags of a certain thickness that are charged with an environmental fee). This cost cannot be reclaimed by any business, at least not directly.

But where does it range? On a medium sized paper bag, the price can start from 0.20€, while on a plastic bag it can start from 0.10€ respectively. These prices are indicative and can vary depending on the size, the graphic design of the bag, the packaging processing, etc. But even with all this, the highest price that the plastic one can reach cannot exceed 0.20€ and the paper one, in its most luxurious version even, 0.80€.

It can certainly be said that the total output of a business can amount to a respectable and calculable sum. But what if we look at it from the perspective of the individual product? Would you consider 0.20€ for each product you sell to be a large expense? And even more so when with that 0.20€ your product will make its “journey” out there, i.e. to the market?

We know that every business needs advertising, which nowadays is achieved in many ways. Primarily, by focusing on digital solutions, i.e. through the company’s website, its social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), and paid ads on search engines (e.g. Google). Others, prefer more traditional methods, such as posting about their products in magazine and newspaper columns, while there are those who prefer even more expensive solutions, such as those of radio and TV ads.

All of the above have a cost of implementation and planning that is much higher than what an entrepreneur would have to invest in a quality bag/bag. By preferring such a solution he can gain the advertising audience without any other charges, xwithout caring how many people will see it, when and how. Just the bag is out there and “moving”…

#2 Travels…

As mentioned above, from the moment the bag “departs” from the store, its promotional journey begins. Its journey can be long, and so can the duration of its journey. The first to advertise it is the buyer of the product. She will travel with it by passing through various places and locations, which means that she will be seen by friends, acquaintances and passers-by that the buyer will meet on the road. If the final recipient of the product is a third party, then the bag will change not only the owner but also the advertising audience, since another person will now carry it with him. The more beautiful and durable the bag is, the longer its journey will be…

Take an example of yourselves as consumers. If you get your hands on a bag that is beautiful, brightly coloured and with a striking design, won’t you choose it for your shopping? On the contrary, an unimpressive bag with no personality will go unnoticed and will only be used for a short trip, that from the store to the house. But quality packaging has great potential. It can be found among different audiences. It can be put on trains, boats and planes and in an incredible amount of time it can change places! It travels everywhere and indefinitely with a single “ticket” … its one-time purchase price.

#3 Has many uses

Any bag or pouch can be used many times and in many different situations! You can be sure that it will often be the answer to everyday problems that everyone encounters in their daily life.
One walk on the streets is enough to see people with… bags!

Luxury paper bags to serve our needs for carrying items in our daily lives, making us look our best and even show off our style!

Plastic shopping bags for everyday use since a plastic bag folds up and takes up minimal space in the bag. Also, not a few times a plastic bag has protected us from the weather as a pleasant umbrella! not a few times it has covered items on our balcony, not a few times we have seen it traveling in the car ahead packing toys and excursion items as well as so much more..

Textile bags, our safe carrying companions for everyday shopping in supermarkets, at the market and why not for a nice outing without any other handbag!

Give your customers the opportunity to own one of these bags and let their imagination and creativity come up with ideas and ways they can use it. You can be sure you’ll be amazed at the stories your customers might tell you about how useful they found your bag to be, about things that hadn’t even occurred to you.

#4 Gives information

The items displayed on the bag/bag are constantly passing messages. From the slogan and logo that the business has to the contact details. The bigger the impression the bag makes, the greater the chances that the audience will notice the other information that each business wants to get across.

#5 Captures messages

According to research that has been done from time to time, consumers strongly remember nice logos and clever images. The more often they encounter these logos, the more they become familiar with them and build their confidence in the products of the company in question. As a result of this, they respond positively to potential logo encounters, leading to an increase in sales and consequently an improvement in a business’s market share.

τυπωμένη τσάντα

#6 Protects the product

After the use of the transport of the product, the next necessity of the bag is its protection. Whatever a product is, fragile or not, stiff or flexible, dark or white the need to protect our brand new product is great and necessary.

#7 Reflects the brand itself

There is no doubt that the bag that will carry our product is the first impression that the direct consumer and the recipient (indirect consumer) will form. A well-kept bag primarily reflects the company to which it belongs. It reflects the entrepreneur himself, his good taste and his love to deliver a perfect product in all aspects.

#8 Respects the product

Luxury packaging shows the value and respect that the company itself gives to the product it sells. So when the product is rewarded by the businessman himself, trying to give it added value and attention, he is bound to receive the same respect from the buyer of the product. Indeed, it is not impossible that he will choose it because of this characteristic.

#9 It stands out from the competition

So is there still any doubt that one of the primary and biggest investments a business should make is packaging?

Invest in your logo, invest in your bag/bag, advertise and make others remember your business simply by the cost of a ticket. Pay attention to the product and it will reward you. After all, as American advertising executive Leo Burnett has said it best:

When someone sees an ad, I don’t want them to say “oh, what a great ad”, but “oh, what a great product”