Packaging for eshop: How to increase sales dramatically

Are you putting all your effort to increase your sales and improve the return on your e-shop advertising spend? Time is passing and these efforts are not paying off as much as you would like?

It is not uncommon in marketing for something we consider a detail to end up making a difference, positively or negatively. It may seem strange to you, but eshop packaging is one such case, a powerful tool for building customer loyalty and repeat sales.

Read on to find out why the packaging you choose for your online store’s products is key to success and what are the elements that will lead to an impressive increase in customers without any other change in your marketing strategy.

What is the role of packaging and why is it so important?

Packaging is nothing more than the way you present your products so that they reach customers in their best form. The functional aspect of packaging is about the safety of product transport, which especially in an e-shop plays a huge role.

From there, the packaging is not just the protective cover of the product, but much more than that. It is the first impression the customer gets when his online order arrives at his place of business and takes shape. It is this first impression that will trigger positive or negative emotions and influence their subconscious mind to want (or not want in the case of ugly, uninteresting or unattended packaging) to make a purchase from your store again.

Elements that make up an efficient packaging

Although the type of packaging you choose for your e-shop depends on the type of products and your audience, there are certain elements that characterize successful and well-designed packaging:

  • Visible reference to the brand: one of the most basic functions of packaging is distinctive (differentiating), i.e. the ability of the packaging to stand out from another and to associate a product with a specific brand. Especially in online stores, the lack of physical space, window display and customer contact with staff can be compensated for by packaging that is unobtrusive and defines the brand identity.
  • Ecological packaging: Caring for the environment is one of the main pillars of modern life. Avoiding plastic and investing in sustainable packaging, such as paper and fabric bags, recyclable cardboard, etc., is a must if you want to appeal to the millennial generation.
  • Packaging for enjoyment: turning the opening of the product into a beautiful and enjoyable process, creating a ritual, is something the customer remembers and looks forward to the next order. Packaging accessories, such as ribbons, wrapping paper, stickers and touch paper, will help you do this and add something different to the packaging.
  • Minimalism: the concept of minimalism does not necessarily mean having a simple design on the packaging, since this choice has to do with the type of products in the store, the potential customers, etc. Minimalism in packaging means having it designed in such a way that there are no unnecessary elements and everything has its own function
  • Personalization: a card addressed to the customer, a brochure with information or photos about the business or a QR code on the package, which connects the user to the brand’s social media or a video, are just a few ways to grab the customer’s attention and make them feel unique.
  • Reusable items: A bag or box that is so well cared for and of such quality that it can be reused simply means continued advertising. The box or fabric bag with the logo is something that the customer and those around them will see all the time, thus reinforcing your corporate identity.
Συσκευασία Για Eshop

Advantages of investing in personalised packaging

Investing in a personalised packaging or bag for your eshop takes time and is more expensive than any packaging that could fit in any store without any differentiation. However, the benefits of such an option are so great that they not only outweigh the investment, but outweigh it with a significant increase in sales and the acquisition of loyal customers who return as buyers time and time again.

Let’s take a closer look at these benefits:

  • Added value: One of the basic principles in marketing is thatpeople don’t buy products, they buy the experiences they make them feel. When a customer gets a package, wrapped in an original way, you raise their expectations and curiosity, which adds up as a special feature of the product.
  • Viral: Did you know that YouTube videos of the process of opening a product package have millions of views? Anticipation is something that all people love and an original packaging can substantially help spread your brand on social media.
  • Repeat sales: The main benefit of a well thought out package is that you boost customer loyalty, which means more repeat sales. You may think that your product is a one-time sale, but that’s not the case. Even if a particular customer doesn’t come back to buy, they can be the best ambassador for your brand.
  • Secondary advertising: Packaging is an initial cost, but then generates benefits that outweigh it. It is a type of advertising that gains its own momentum as it is released to the market and continues to advertise the brand without any additional cost.

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