E-commerce: How to choose the right packaging e-shop?

E-commerce is now a reality and the need to create an e-shop is now… a one-way street for almost every business! These new conditions have brought about huge changes in the field of marketing at all levels, and as a result, every business is required to make dynamic decisions in order to stand out from the competition.

What are the new sales conditions

On the one hand, the pandemic period has increased remote shopping and on the other hand, the globalisation of the market has eliminated distances, bringing every customer in contact with great ease in a shop on the other side of the world.

In this environment, the rapid growth of online stores seems more than expected. The rise of ecommerce globally is skyrocketing, with businesses realizing that entering, as well as surviving, ecommerce is not just the future, but the present!

How an online store annihilates the distances with the customer

Approaching and satisfying the customer who shops online is a completely separate process from what happens in the physical store, even if the end goal is the same. In fact, a modern e-shop ought to to an even greater extent to:

  1. Minimize the distance
  2. Transform the sale into an intimate relationship
  3. Make the customer feel secure
  4. Provide an easy way of presenting its products with precise instructions on sizes, colours, materials
  5. Provides affordable (if not free) shipping
  6. Has a clear returns policy
  7. Provides smart, safe and easy to use packaging!

However, the steep growth of e-shops, which is on an upward trend, is bound to soon lead to a quagmire in the whole “game” between e-shops in order to stand out. And at this point, those who dare to take that one extra step that will make the difference, will define which e-shops seem to win by a thread in this competitive “marathon” that is being waged in ecommerce.

SOS! Every customer is – and wants to feel – unique. That’s why distance service must meet all the necessary stages to make him feel that the store, indeed, cares about him.

Συσκευασία Για Το E-Shop

What is the huge role of the right bag in ecommerce marketing

Sending an order from an e-shop together with the corresponding bag or pouch of the shop is an extremely powerful advantage in the daily marketing carried out by a business.

The bag will do what we call “love at first sight”, since it is the first image the consumer comes in contact with!

An ideally designed e-shop packaging, with quality features and a smart design that launches the style of the brand in question, becomes the ideal complement to every order sent by an e-shop. In this context, the customer gains direct contact with the company by keeping a bag in his home that he will often see to remind him of the shop he bought from.

It is a common phenomenon, moreover, through the multitude of online shops available, that many customers confuse one e-shop with another, or forget about it completely after a while.

What to look for to choose the right packaging for your e-shop

  1. Carefully study the needs of your product, its characteristics and specificities.
  2. Decide on the style you want to go with your packaging such as paper packaging for environmental awareness, plastic packaging made from recyclable materials!
  3. Try out, after looking at many designs and tests, the mock-up you choose. Big bold letters, something subtle and simple, bright colours or simple mention of your logo.
  4. Do sample tests to see how secure you like your bag.
  5. Try different sizes of bags so that you can choose less of them trying to fit many of your products
  6. Choose products to accompany your packaging that will make a difference, such as colourful printed ribbons, thin touch paper, stickers for closing your bag. These may all be details but they add prestige to your packaging.

The great goal of an e-shop packaging

By paying attention to all of the above in the packaging, apart from the purely utilitarian part, you show that you respect your customer and then the relationship that is created with him will definitely last. From the customer’s perspective, the customer understands that apart from your well-kept product, you are also emphasizing on the overall service and that you are investing heavily in the relationship with them.

So, if you manage to get a customer to keep for reuse or even not throw away a quality bag with a special style, quality material and elegant, unique style, then you have already managed to keep your logo on the customer for quite some time!

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